Healing HeartFire - Energy Work for the Good of All

Healing HeartFire on the
West Coast!
Redding / Shasta County, CA
East Coast: October 21-24
Metro NY
by appointment 

Healing HeartFire is committed to serving the needs of you, your family and friends utilizing Universal principles of spirituality and energy.
Be it blood pressure, soft tissue tears or inflammation, nightmares, bones and joints, tumors - consider this to help the body heal itself.

Pets can benefit from this healing energy as well.
If your dog or cat (or other furry, feathered or slippery pet) is in need, get in touch!
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path,  Healing HeartFire is an open channel to the healing energy of the Universe.  No one is turned away.  There is no fee for the public sessions.
If you are ready to heal, if you are ready to take a step on the path,
if you are ready to open a new chapter in your life story . . .
I invite you to visit - allowing health into your life through the energy that surrounds us.  You are whole, perfect, complete.
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Send email or phone 510-750-4310.