Healing HeartFire - Energy Work & Intuitive Counsel
Supporting Your Personal Transformation   

Reaching out to seekers, those with a longing to know more but not sure where to ask.
Offering opportunities to grow in a nonjudgmental space.

Dragons represent the primal forces of Nature and the Universe. They are associated with wisdom, longevity, independence, leadership and strength.
Dragonfly is noted as a harbinger of change, bringing messages of enlightenment.  It may be time to break down the illusions restricting your personal growth, to reveal your true colors.

  • Energy Work for Body and Mind
  • Meditation
  • Group and Individual Mentoring
  • Journaling Workshops
  • Discussion Groups for Manifesting Your Dreams
  • Open Forum Sessions and Ad Hoc Salons

I look forward to meeting you-

Open Circle 

    Rituals of Transition
~ Unique and Personal ~

Ordained, Non-Denominational



Weddings and Renewals

Blessings from Conception
to Life Transition

all of Life's markers